LovoFlex™ LED Flexible Strip

LovoFlex™ Series

Welcome to the LovoFlex™ series of LED Flexible Strip Lighting by Prism Lighting Group™.

LovoFlex™ offers exciting LED Lighting Options for your exhibit, from accent lighting to compelling action lighting to make your image stand out from the crowd! LovoFlex™ is a high quality lighting solution where stability and longevity are paramount.
• Manufactured with top-tier authentic premium LED chips, LovoFlex™ series is built to last
• Low energy consumption
• Operates at a low temperature which allows it to be used for just about all applications
• Available for interior and exterior applications
• Very flexible, especially for those tight spots

As International Standards for LED lighting continue to be established, it’s important for customers to understand the difference between high quality and poor quality LED products before making critical purchasing decisions. Most LED flexible ribbon products are manufactured by overseas manufacturers, but the level of quality is across the spectrum. Don’t be fooled with super low prices, as long-term performance from high-quality LED lighting will outweigh short-lived problems that occur by using “cheap” inferior products.

LovoFlex™ is cULus Certified, so you never have to worry about issues with regulations due to improperly tested lighting products that are not UL, ETL, CSA or TUV certified. LovoFlex™ works with highest quality accessory components such as power supplies, controllers, dimmers, linking cables, extension cables, and solder connector tails. And you have the comfort of knowing all applicable components are provided from a single source you can always rely on… Prism Lighting Group™.

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